How long does it take you to make it?

An average oil painting with my level of skills and expertise can take 8-10hours of concentrated work over a period of three weeks.

Do you do commissions?

At the moment I do commissions on all styles and subjects of work. As long as copyright of the photographer has been obtained.

What style do you work in?

My skill level allows me to work in any medium in any style.  So if someone wanted a ink drawing in the style of Aubrey Beardsley I could do it. If they wanted a copy of Flaming June, I could do it. I have suitable Art knowledge to accomplish anything. Time scales vary for different projects.

What is the maximum size you work to?

I can work to any size that is transportable rolled up. Customers who want super large work usually have them stretched to a frame where they are based.

Where is your next exhibition?

These can be found in 'events' on my website. I post a lot of them on my Facebook page HannahBruceArt.


Practical Questions:

Can I have it without this frame? Yes of course.


What other colour frames do you have? White, Grey or Black.


Can I use this in a bathroom or kitchen?

Resin YES       Linen No


Will this fade? Every item of art is capable of this over a prolonged period, it just depends on the materials used and the lightfastness of them. I use as high lightfastness ink and materials as I can.


What is Resin?

An art version of the chemical mix that make items such as car bumpers and interior trims.


Will the colours change? Resin White will go creamier over many years. Clear resin will very slightly age yellow. Depending on the UV protection in the Art Mix. Mine have maximum UV protection that can be bought.


How do I hang them? Let me show you.


Can you make a set of them yes of course.


Can I have a bigger resin?

Maximum size I would recommend is about 90cm on any one side. Unless built on a more substantial substrate frame. There are ways around this.


Do you deliver locally? Yes


Have you any further questions, please do ask, I’m very friendly…..


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