First Christmas Fair Experience

Published by Hannah Bruce on 19th Aug 2020

So yesterday I did my first ever Christmas Fair. It was a long but enjoyable day. We got up at 7am and then I found that my Paypal machine wasn’t working again. (I always test it in the morning too) Even though It had gone caput the night before and I rang them up to fix it. I’m now a Paypal machine expert. In fact, so much so, that I helped three other stall owners during their day with their machines. I had planned to pack some paints to do a demo painting, but glad I didn’t as I was too busy chatting all day and had no time at all to get it organized.

We arrived in Guildford at 9am. Novice ot this, it took a while just to park up the car to unload. Then got a lovely trolley carriage – good thing too, as I’d brought way too much stuff. Lesson Learned.

Though I did think that it was best to take surplus stock in case of massive sales.

I took a good range of items from small hand painted decoration and canvas’ to frame dprints and then full large oil paintings.(these were the show stopper, but perhaps only two were needed).

As I walked in with the big trolley, the organizer stopped me to ask if she could bag a strawberry decoration before they went on sale.Brilliant…(the night before I had facebooked them and asked them to share it on their facebook page.).

Then with only half the stuff in the trolley I trundled up to my table. Nice layout, small pitch, but I’m told it is by no means the smallest! Compared to other craft fairs.

Then I started to unload the trolley and dress my table. I’d done a practice at home and I’m so glad I did. Unfortunately there is no accounting for a low table and my banner was 6 inches too deep and trailing along the floor. But ever the resourceful of my surroundings, there were nets high up, as we were partitioned off from a large sports hall.So I tied it up there. Unfortunately when I stepped onto the chair to put it up, Itflipped downwards with me on it and I fell and put my foot through a framed print! Blast. I was rescued by a nice lady in thepampered chef stall next to me.

Hubby took the trolley and go the rest of the items from the car. I had my 3 Year old with me – so far he was well behaved.Just a little tugging on the table cloth….

I had definitely brought to much stuff to fit in my area. I was last to finish my set up. And had heaps of stuff lying about me.Suddenly I realized under the table was available for storage. Obvious to all regular craft stall attendees.

The day was reasonably slow, with a nice trickle of visitors, but I did manage to sell on painting to an organizer, and two framed prints. It’s a PR exercise though too and I had lots of my cards taken. I had lovely chats with fellow stall owners and bought way to much of their products!!

They all really liked my Radiator insulation Bubblebags. And asked me why I was using it.I said it didn’t pop like bubble wrap and wreck with tape. I make sewn up bags with them to carry my Art work in.The lady with the hand made glass Art was most impressed and plans to make mini bags with them.

I got loads of useful information about other fairs and events, as well as framing, printing etc.

At the end of the day we were last out, because I had so much gear. We struggled to get my boy back in the car…

But I learned a lot

This morning I’ve had lots of traffic to my websites and I hope I do even better at my next event on the 6th December in Horsell Village.

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